What’s Your Diet Breaker?

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Some people are chocoholics, others need something salty (Heidi Montag admitted her obsession with yam French Fries!). Then there are the poor souls afflicted by a sweet tooth: They crave candy and cookies … and melt like sugar topping at the sight of a Krispy Kreme doughnut.

Tell us, which food makes you lose your willpower? Plus: See more celebrity diet breakers here!

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sandy December 30th, 2008

This is an easy one: Tempura! It used to be fried foods like onion rings and cauliflower, but since I “met” tempura, regular American frying tastes disgusting. But tempura is still an indulgence, and that fatty type of food really slugs up my metabolism. Also, those garlic/cheese biscuits at Red Lobster can make me gain five pounds before dinner is over.

Isabel January 1st, 2009

I’m most definitely a CHOCOHOLIC! But it’s not surprising, it’s run in my family for generations!

Tiffani January 2nd, 2009

Salty foods and cookies are my soft spots! I can turn down anything else!

Julia January 4th, 2009

A little bit of junk food now and then is not going to kill you. However, these women’s diets featured in the latest issue were completely outrageous. Two cheeseburgers for dinner..a BAG of double stuffed oreos AND a bag of chips for a snack..and then (this one really got me)..two hot dogs topped with coleslaw, chili and chesse, 1/2 bag Doritios, FOUR little debbie oatmeal creme pies, and TWO glasses of kool-aid for lunch? No wonder they were overweight.

Natasha January 5th, 2009

Chocolate, cheese, bread and soda/juice. Sigh, especially chocolate and cheese

Dannah January 23rd, 2009

Asian style noodles…Sushi…homemade deserts….Ben and Jerrys (but the best trick is when your craving ice cream get a mcdonalds cone. The icecream is so cheep there isn’t any real cream in it. So in a McFlurry–which is huge–theres only 170 calories!!)

Beem January 28th, 2009

Chocolate, cookies, and french fries … ahh!

macgaff January 28th, 2009

Easy. CARBS. Bread, bagels, pasta. Oh and candy :)

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kendra February 1st, 2009

Mine is definitely french vanilla cappuccinos.!!
I love those things && i can’t live without them.

macgaff February 8th, 2009


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