What’s Your At-Home Spa Treatment?

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When work and family pressures pile on, who wouldn’t love a trip to the spa for a relaxing body scrub or a rejuvenating facial? But when time – and money – are too short to indulge in these luxuries, you can still get that spa-worthy glow at home. Try this cucumber shower scrub from Health.com to exfoliate your skin, or give tired feet a boost with this vanilla-coffee treatment.

We’ve all got budget-friendly remedies, so tell us: What’s your cheap and easy at-home spa treatment?

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Mattie January 4th, 2009

This isn’t exactly a “spa treatment”, but I have discovered a way to decrease the size of my pores. First, I use the Clean & Clear Advantage Blackhead Eraser ($17-20 at drugstores), which uses vibrations and cleaning solution to clean out your pores, and then I coated my newly clean skin with egg white( a natural way to decrease your pore size.) The egg white also increases elasticity.

Mattie January 4th, 2009

Toothpaste works (as Fergie suggested) to dry up a zit FAST.

Cindy January 9th, 2009

I use sugar and a bar of Dove to exfoliate. It works great and is so inexpensive.

Lucy January 14th, 2009

i have a whole facial:
-first, you mix vanilla yogurt and plain oats and put it all over your face
-wash it off
-second, you mix hot water and rosemary and hold your face over it for a minute or two.
-thrid, you mash up a banana and mix it with some honey and put it all over your face.
-wash it off
-lastly, you cut a couple slices of cucumber and rub them on your face.
—I know this sounds gross but it really works and it is totally natural. JUST TRY IT! :)

L.F. January 15th, 2009

Mix up plain old sugar with olive oil (or veggie oil if you’re crunched for cash). I usually use pretty equal parts. Apply after your normal shower routine. When you’re in there, make sure you are not being stingy with your scrub (they aren’t at the spa are they?). Also, make sure to spend a good 2-3 minutes on EACH body part, this really smooths things out and also gives the oil time to soak into the skin. Finally, simply rinse off (don’t soap the oil off). The sugar will dissolve in the water and the oil will remain on your skin. Dry off and go – no need to moisturize. You will DEFINITELY notice a HUGE difference in your skin!

TERIAN January 15th, 2009

Mattie January 4th, 2009

Toothpaste works (as Fergie suggested) to dry up a zit FAST.


regina falange January 18th, 2009


While relaxing when letting a mask dry, or bathing your feet in a foot bath; you may want to wear a soothing eye mask, or place cucumbers on your eyes to reduce redness or puffyness.


Approximate time: 30 minutes
Items needed: hair band, headband, cleanser, facial scrub, rose/chamomile essential oil, facemask, toner, and moisturiser.

1. Tie hair your back and put on headband.
2. Massage cleanser into your face and neck using gentle circular motions and remove with tepid water and pat your face dry.
3. Mix a small amount of facial scrub with water and lightly rub onto your face in small circles. Remove with tepid water.
4. Fill a large bowl with boiling water and add three drops of rose/chamomile essential oil. Put a towel over your head and steam for 5-10 minutes.
5. Apply a thin layer of facemask evenly over your face. Leave on for 10 minutes or as long as instructed on packet. Rinse with tepid water.
6. Spray on toner and gently rub into your face in circular motions.
7. Rub on moisturiser in small circles.


Approximate time: 20-25 minutes
Items needed: nail varnish remover, bowl, sunflower oil, lavender essential oil, hand scrub, nail clippers, emery board, wooden stick, hemp lotion and nail buffer.

1. Remove nail varnish.
2. Fill a bowl with warm water, half a teaspoon of sunflower oil and two drops of lavender essential oil. Soak your nails for five minutes.
3. Exfoliate your hands with a hand scrub, working from the top of your hands up your fingers to your nails around your cuticles. Rinse your hands.
4. Cut nails if needed. File each nail from the side to the centre in one smooth motion. Have the emery board facing slightly underneath the nail, not straight on. Push back cuticles with a wooden stick.
5. Put a small amount of hemp lotion on to your hand and rub your hands together. With your thumb, rub deep circles into the palm of your hands and along the fingers.
6. Buff your nails using a nail buffer, starting with the rough black side, then onto the pink next to it, then the pink on the other side and finally the shiny black.


Approximate time: 25-30 minutes
Items needed: neroli essential oil, basin, foot file, hemp lotion and wooden foot massage roller.

1. Fill a basin with warm water, three teaspoons olive oil and five drops of neroli essential oil. Soak your feet for 15 minutes.
2. While your feet are still damp, use a foot file to remove dead skin on your heels, and the balls of your feet or as necessary.
3. Use a foot scrub to scrub your feet all over. Rinse with water.
4. Massage hemp lotion into your feet.

Additional foot pampering:

Approximate time: 35-40 minutes
Items needed: tee tree essential oil, cucumber slices, mint, wooden foot massage roller and peppermint foot mask.

1. Fill a large basin with cold water. Add six drops of tee tree essential oil and stir. Add sliced cucumber and torn fresh mint leaves to the water. Place your feet in the basin and soak 15 minutes.
2. Place your right foot on a foot roller. Roll back and forth for 5-10 minutes, varying speed and pressure. Repeat with left foot.
3. Spread a thick layer of peppermint foot mask over your feet, covering the tops and soles as well as between your toes; do not rub the mask in. Leave the mask for 15 minutes, then remove with a wet face cloth or rinse your feet in a bath/basin of water.

Mud Packs:

Approximate time: 25-30 minutes
Items needed: mud pack, large bowl, small bowl, plastic and a 30x30cm piece of cloth.

1. Scoop a cup of mud into a small bowl. Boil some water and fill a larger bowl with the boiled water. Place the small bowl of mud into the large bowl of boiling water to warm it. Stir the mud occasionally as it heats.
2. When the mud is hot, scoop the mud out of the bowl and into the centre of a piece of 30x30cm of cloth, in a mound so that it is 2-5cm thick in the centre. Fold each corner of the cloth to form a pack; you can tie it with string to secure it.
3. Position the mudpack on any problem area (eg. knee, back, elbow, wrist). Wound some plastic round the area to retain heat, then cover it with a towel.


Approximate time: 25-30 minutes
Items needed: hair band, headband, cleanser, three smooth flat stones, neroli essential oil, sunflower oil and bowl.

1. Tie hair your back and put on headband.
2. Wet your face with warm water and dispense about a teaspoon of cleanser onto your fingers. Apply evenly onto your face, then massage into the skin in small circular motions. Rinse and pat dry.
3. With your middle finger braced behind your index finger, press firmly and massage the following points, making six tiny circles at each point: directly between your eyebrows, circling left; 2.5cm above the arches of both your brows, circling inwards; the fronts of both temples, circling outwards; on both cheekbones, just under the far edges of your eyes, circling outwards; on either side of your nose at the inner bases of your cheekbones circling outwards; between your nose and upper lip, circling right; and between your lower lip and the bottom of your chin, circling right.
4. Place three smooth flat stones in a bowl of boiling water, and warm them for about 10 minutes, then dry them. Lie on your back on a comfortable surface, and place one stone below your hairline in the middle of your forehead, one between your eyebrows, and the third between your bottom lip and the end of your chin. Relax and breathe deeply, leaving the stones until they are cool.
5. Add 5 drops of neroli essential oil to one tablespoon of sunflower oil. Pour a small amount of the mixture into your palm and rub your hands together. Hold your hands in front of your face and inhale deeply. Then pat your face with your hands and gently spread the massage oil.

Natalie January 18th, 2009

I have oily skin…which I hated as a teen, but now see as a blessing since I’m wrinkling slower than my friends and family. Still, the pores can clog, so I find these 3 things useful as at-home/gym treatments:

1. Exercise…90 minute cardio sessions open ALL the pores, and then a wash to wash away the released toxins
2. After working out, but before showering, wash the face and dry it well. Then scoop up a handful of dried powdered clay, either bentonite or, I especially like the dark green one, (I buy either at the local co-op or health food store)…dribble in a little water to make a paste and apply on face and neck…let dry while enjoying a fresh magazine (the luxuriating part), then wash/shower off when it’s dry…pores are minimized and skin is even softer
3. Alternate mask: strew a handful of herbs (rosemary or bay laurel or lemon balm are nice) into a large mixing bowl and microwave ’til hot…about 1-2 min. Then put face above it, catching most of the steam while making a tent towel around…steam for 30 seconds several times; then follow by putting some of this herb-y water into some oatmeal and letting is sit quickly until softened into a paste then apply as a mask, maybe mixed with honey or cream (both moisturizing) or yogurt or milk (both tonifying). Let sit for 10 minutes, relaxing…this doesn’t dry out, much, so meditate/visualize about either a goal you want to achieve or a place you would like to visit.

When using/eating citrus, like lemon or orange or grapefruit, rub the peels into your elbows or feet or wherever you need exfoliating, then rinse.

Kate January 18th, 2009

I have really long hair and the ends tend to get dry. I make a hair mask of 1/2 an avacado, 1 tbsp Almond oil, and a few drops of lavander oil. Blend it well, apply to your hair, and let it sit for 10-15 minutes. Rinse well.

macgaff January 28th, 2009

Ooooh, so many good suggestions here I have to try! This is going to save me so much money!

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